With a 11% increase of its turnover, The DIVA Network confirmes now that is one of the world’s largest wine merchants.


The Diva Network, the international wine and spirits Distribution Company, created in 1979 by Pierre Beuchet, confirms today its importance in the world of wine merchants.

Thanks to its 37 years of experience, the DIVA network has been able to create permanent links with more than 1000 producers and the largest international importers. The successful integration in 2015 of Diva Italia and Diva South Africa, the last two companies to join the network, have allowed us to strengthen our offer and cover the main world wine regions.

Our concept is unique: Collaborating with us is all about having access to the main wine regions with a single partner.

  • With a turnover of EUR 64.1 million in 2016, the group continues to grow on a worldwide scale. An increase of 11% compared to 2015.
  • With 70 active markets, Asia remains one of our main regions, followed by the Americas and especially the USA, which confirm their economic recovery. As for Europe, it remains stable.

In 2017, DIVA France’s representative office will change direction and will now concentrate on the Spirits branch, hand in hand with DIVA Spirits.