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Pierre Beuchet
Originally established by Pierre Beuchet (former export manager of wine merchant Alexis Lichine), DIVA was launched in Bordeaux in 1979.

The acronym sums it up quite eloquently: Distribution Internationale de Vins et Alcools as it reads in French, thus symbolizing a core business based on being a value-added middleman, chiefly serving export markets and always dedicated to client satisfaction and the utmost quality in goods and service.

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Owing to the orientation towards quality and its conscientious work, DIVA Bordeaux rapidly became a major protagonist in the Classified Growth and Primeurs segments.


It was soon joined in 1983 by a sister firm in Burgundy, DIVA Beaune, whose strategy clearly wrong-footed its Burgundian counterparts by distributing only estate wines.
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In 1987, Jean-Pierre Rousseau entered the DIVA company and took the operational control of DIVA Bordeaux, in order to develop contacts with the great names of Bordeaux, as well as new export outlets abroad.
Jean-Pierre Rousseau
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DIVA Sud completed the first two offices by adding all regions from the Pyrenees to the Rhône valley.
Burgundian Bruno Lafon, having just bought Magellan domain in Languedoc, was the founding member, soon to be joined in 2003 by François Chamboissier as a partner and specialist of the Rhône wines.
François Chamboissier and Bruno Lafon
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DIVA New Zealand was the first Southern hemisphere DIVA, with Carl Robinson managing the venture from Tokyo and Brett Crittenden in Europe, both growing the portfolio of estates and servicing Japan and other markets with the finest of kiwi wines.
DIVA New Zealand
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The dynamics in that part of the world favoured the creation of DIVA China, carrying a single objective: being the ambassador for all DIVAs in the face of this ever-changing, hectic Chinese market.
The DIVA Network eventually completed its coverage of French appellations by welcoming DIVA Nord, which encompasses all regions from the Loire valley to Alsace, Jura and Champagne.
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DIVA Wine USA is led by David Stéphan, an experienced specialist of the US market, and aims at bringing the finest of the DIVAs’ products to selected distributors across the fifty-one states.
Pierre Beuchet, Carl Robinson and the Hill-Smith family (owners of Yalumba) launched DIVA Australia from its Adelaide base, with a view to distributing independent family wineries to all continents.
DIVA Eastern Mediterranean was launched to represent the very best from the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean.
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Following a path of countless forays into the spirits industry, Florent Beuchet founded DIVA Spirits with a view to either introducing artisanal products or creating his own spirits brands, from absinthe to whisky.
After a first trial in 2011, DIVA South Africa is reborn thanks to a partnership between Alex Dale, Robert Hill-Smith and Pierre Beuchet. With a base in Somerset, in the heart of the Cape province, the only African office of DIVA aims at offering a lively and quality selection from this Old and New part of the wine world.
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Today, the distribution paths used by the fifteen DIVA offices encompass the top importers and retailers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa, whilst wines are now sourced from the five continents.