Welcome to the DIVA Network,

the International Wine & Spirits

Distribution Company

A unique concept :

a sourcing from

the 5 continents

with offices based

in wine regions

A worldwide distribution

over 70 countries,

thanks to 12 offices

present in 10 countries


Wine Producer

Diva is a link between producers and distributors.

Wine Professional

Our History

Since 1979, Diva has kept expanding and developing its network all over the world.

We have built professional connections and commercial opportunities with top importers and retailers throughout the 5 continents.

United we stand!

We are 13 offices covering Europe, Asia, Americas, Oceania, Middle East and Africa.

  • 10 export offices
  • 3 representative offices in USA, China and France

Our Strengths

  • Reactivity

  • Portfolios’ diversity

  • Team-(net)work

  • Tailor made offers